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Trimble Agricultural Research (Travel) Fellowships


Trimble Agricultural Research Fund fellowships are financed from income of a trust fund established by the late Miss Ruth Elizabeth Ellison Trimble of New Plymouth.

Fellowships are awarded by the Selection Committee to support overseas travel for scientists in agricultural research without limitation on the branch of agriculture, but with emphasis on research likely to produce results of a nature that will have a direct application to the agricultural industry of New Zealand.  Horticultural research is eligible as is research into information and technology transfer.

The Selection Committee places emphasis on the relevance of the research project and the applicant’s qualifications and experience to perform the research programme nominated.



The eligibility criteria are below.  In special cases (i.e. where the research is considered to be important to New Zealand) the Selection Committee has discretion to relax these requirements.  

  • At least ten years conducting or directing agricultural research, preferred but not essential;

  • A person conducting research in a university is eligible but not a person whose prime responsibility is teaching.  (University based applicants must state in their application their prime function in order to clarify their eligibility);
  • Must be university graduates (but not necessarily agricultural graduates);
  • Must be eligible for membership of The New Zealand Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science;
  • No age limit.

A person wishing to undertake formal university study only shall not be eligible.



Fellows shall:

  • Adhere to the overseas travel itineraries and/or research programmes approved by the Selection Committee.  (No assistance is given for expenses incurred by families).
  • Be entitled to continue to receive salary from their employer but shall not (without prior approval) engage or be employed in any other work.
  • Return to work in New Zealand for at least a year after the completion of the fellowship.  Failure to do so will render the fellow liable to repay the award.
  • Provide the Selection Committee with a written report (4 copies) on their work within a month of concluding the fellowship.



Must be taken up within one year of receiving notification by the Trust that a fellowship has been awarded.

May not extend for longer than one year from the date of being taken up. 

Can be withdrawn at any time by the Selection Committee.  



The Fellowship value shall be sufficient to meet all reasonable travel, accommodation and living expenses incurred by the Fellow during the tenure of the Fellowship.

The Selection Committee may provide funding to a person who is receiving part funding from another source.  (A disclosure is required).


The Trustee

Perpetual Guardian (The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited). 


Selection Committee

  • Director General of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Chair)
    (Now the Ministry of Primary Industries)
  • Chief Executive Science New Zealand Incorporated
  • Chief Executive Ministry of Research , Science and Technology
    (Now Ministry of business, Innovation and Employment)
  • Nominee of NZ Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science
  • Nominee of Minister Agriculture (drawn from farming circles)
    (Now the Ministry of Primary Industries)


Funding Amount and Time Frames

  • The quality of the applications will determine the value and number of awards made, if any.
  • Applications to be considered as a recipient for funding are assessed annually. The next granting cycle will be from Wednesday 23rd January to Friday 22nd March 2019* (close of business). It is anticipated the successful awards recipients will be announced after April 2019.  
  • Applicants from Government Departments should submit applications through their respective Head Offices.
  • All applications must be completed online.
  • The length of the assessment process is dependent on the volume of applications and all applicants are notified of the decision. During the assessment period, trustees may request further clarification from the applicant regarding their application.

*The close date of applications has been updated from Friday 15th March to Friday 22nd March


Regrettably, due to the number of applications received, we are unable to provide detailed feedback on unsuccessful applications. Please note the decision of the Trustee is final and not subject to any appeals process.



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